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Why should you train your puppy

1. Build a positive relationship: Understand how your puppy learns and use positive training to make learning fun, rewarding and successful.

2. Teach life skills: Teach your puppy how to live in a home environment.

3. Increase sociability: Give your puppy confidence to deal with any situation.

4. Avoid problem behaviours: The more time you spend teaching your puppy to live in a human world, the more you will avoid problem behaviours due to lack of understanding.

5. Loyalty and companionship: Guiding your puppy into making the right choices and understanding what your puppy needs will increase your bond.

A puppy needs a good learning foundation in order to be a confident adult. But learning is more than just teaching your puppy basic cues such as sit and stay. The most important aspect of the learning process is to introduce your puppy to the environments and situations he/she is likely to experience throughout his/her life.

Socialising your puppy with people and other puppies will encourage him/her to be socially confident as he/she grows. The crucial socialisation period for puppies ends at around 16 weeks of age.

Habituating your puppy slowly to human touch will prevent touch aversions in adulthood.

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