Doggy Ways


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I miss a group class?

A: You will receive the exercises to practise at home and can catch up what you have missed in your next group class.

Q: At what age can I start training my puppy?

A: From the age of 10 weeks.

Q: How many vaccinations should my puppy have before I can start with group classes?

A: You can start with group classes one week after your puppy's second vaccination.

Q: My vet suggested I should only start with puppy group classes after my puppy has received all his vaccinations?

A: Worried about attending group classes before your puppy has had their full set of vaccinations, but don’t want to miss out on your puppy’s crucial socialization period?

Please read this article for more insight.

Q: Do you offer training for adult dogs?

A: We offer Private at Home Training for dogs older than 1 year.

Q: Do you offer socialization for adult dogs?

A: As the crucial socialization period for puppies ends at around 16 weeks of age, it is very difficult socializing an older dog that has not been socialized before. We thus do not offer socialization for adult dogs as we cannot guarantee any success.

Q: If we have more than one puppy, should there be one handler per puppy?

A: Yes, we recommend one handler per puppy as it can be quite difficult for one person to train two puppies at the same time.

Q: Can my whole family attend the group classes eg. parents and children?

A: Yes, it is good for the whole family to learn and interact with the puppy.

Q: If I cannot attend a group class, can another family member bring my puppy for the group class?

A: Yes, you can send someone in your place as long as you practise those exercises with your puppy at home as well.

Q: Can my child do the training with our puppy in class?

A: Children under the age of 18 years are allowed to handle and train their puppy with a parent’s supervision.

Q: What happens if it is raining or the weather is really bad?

A: Classes will be rescheduled because of bad weather and extended with a week. 

Q: Is it ok if I feed my puppy before class?

A: We suggest feeding your puppy only a small meal before class.

Q: What will I need for training?

A: Training Treats  (Soft, pea-sized treats); Harness (Preferred) OR Buckle collar; Leash; Poop Bags; Treat Bag or something similar to keep treats in (Recommended), Water Bowl.