Doggy Ways



~ Julie van der Merwe ~

Amazing werk. Net n halfuur met ons Blaze en hy reageer nou dadelik op sy naam. Hy sit doodstil as mens roep en hy kou aansienlik sagter as hy speel. Julle is great. Sien uit na die volgende klas.

~ Salome Kruger ~

My Sir Bruno was a wild and untamed boy until he started training at Doggy Ways. They just had a way to work with him without breaking his spirit. He is still wild and untamed at times but obeys and practises what he was taught. These classes are magic for owners and woofs. I now understand my boy and my boy understands me. We could not have done this without these classes.

~ Andries Coetsee ~

Thank you so much for your support and wisdom, even the "old guy (Rover)" learned a lot, thanks for your patience and unconditional love for our pets. It was a once in a lifetime experience hopefully to be repeated at the end of this year.

~ Paola Bressan ~

Charlene did a photoshoot with my dog Joey. He is super energetic, and she was so patient with him while he was having his crazy moments. She managed to capture such beautiful action and portrait photos of him (in between him running wild) and I am so happy with them!

~ Sam Taljaard ~

Great photos of Bruno! Thank you so much!

~ Christopher John Mynhardt ~

After having a rough photo shoot with a blind kitten I honestly had doubts that maybe we will get 1 perfect shot.

Well Charlene you proved me wrong hey... we were both there Saturday and the struggles we had with Jane just wanting to run off...

But after receiving the photos this morning I honestly believe you are one of the best in your field.