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puppy classes centurion

Puppy School

Age 9 – 16 weeks. Course Duration: 6 weeks.

puppy intermediate

Puppy Intermediate

Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy School. Course Duration: 4 weeks.

Puppy School
R 950.00
Age 9 – 16 weeks
Course Duration: 6 weeks
Puppy Intermediate
R 600.00
Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy School
Course Duration: 4 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

113 Dundalk Road,



  • Training Treats (Soft, pea-sized treats)
  • Harness (Preferred) OR Buckle collar AND Leash
  • Treat Bag or something similar to keep treats in (Recommended)
  • Poop Bags
  • Water Bowl


client testimonial 1

Jayda Hills

"I got my Golden Retriever - Hazel - in January 2019. I signed her up at Doggy Ways puppy training at 8 weeks old. The trainers were so friendly, patient and helpful! Once the 6 weeks of training were done, Hazel could successfully perform commands like: sit, stay, lie down and spin. To this day I make her perform the tricks daily. She has also successfully learnt how to shake, balance a treat, as well as catch a treat in the air. The puppy training program was one of the best decisions I could’ve made with regards to my dog. Introducing her into a group of other puppies on a weekly basis definitely prevented her from having any issues with any other dogs she comes into contact with. Loved the whole experience."

"Amazing werk. Net n halfuur met ons Blaze en hy reageer nou dadelik op sy naam. Hy sit doodstil as mens roep en hy kou aansienlik sagter as hy speel. Julle is great. Sien uit na die volgende klas."

client testimonial 2

Julie Vd Merwe

client testimonial 3

Salome Kriel Kruger

"My Sir Bruno was a wild and untamed boy until he started training at Doggy Ways. They just had a way to work with him without breaking his spirit. He is still wild and untamed at times but obeys and practises what he was taught. These classes are magic for owners and woofs. I now understand my boy and my boy understands me. We could not have done this without these classes."

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